2019 – Prague Analogue Photo Blog

Prague is a beer lover’s paradise. On my first trip there I explored the city bar by bar trying out the different brands, Pilsner Urquell, Krusovice, Budwieser Budvar, Staropramen… I’d never tasted beer like it, and it was the cheapest in Europe (you’ll still find a pint for under £1.20). I almost cried when I got home and had my first taste of Scottish normality.

Since then, thanks to the craft brewing scene, the quality of beer has improved all over the world, but you still can’t beat the stuff in Prague. Like its beer, the city has remained unchanged, in my mind anyway. It’s a beautiful place, filled with history, culture and friendly people.

I’ve had some amazing experiences in Prague. It’s a great city to get lost in and an easy place to find an interesting conversation. Prague manages the seemingly impossible task of catering to everyone. If you’re looking for classical music and history you’ll find it here. Prefer to drink all night and sleep all day? You can do that too and much more besides. No matter what you’re into, Prague has something for you.

Analogue photo of a couple using a selfie stick to take a picture of themselves in front of the bridges of Prague
Analogue photo of men cleaning the windows of a barge on the Vltava River in front of Prague castle
An analogue photo of a girl in a black hat and black jacket with white oblongs crouches at the waterside to take a photo of a swan. Prague
Analogue photo of a statue of Jesus on the Charles Bridge Prague
Analogue photo of a one man band with banjo, horns and percussion on his back standing on Charles Bridge, Prague
analogue photo of the intricate pattern of cobbles on the street under Charles Bridge, Prague
Analogue photo of a Prague street with a sculpture of a man hanging from a pole extended from a 4 storey building
analogue photo of a man in a trench coat crossing a cobbled street in the sunshine holding two cups of coffee. Prague
Analogue photo of the window from inside James Dean Prague
Analogue photo of an old business man walking down a dimly lit alley

Ideas for Prague

  • Maitrea – My favourite restaurant in Prague. P.S. It’s a vegetarian restaurant.
  • Hemingway Bar – Drink expensive cocktails in a nice setting.
  • Tretter’s – Drink expensive cocktails in a nice setting.
  • U Sudu – Labyrinthine, smokey, dark cellar bar.
  • James Dean – American Diner by day, underground drinking den by night. My go-to place for breakfast.
  • Zazemi – Student bar with live music.
  • The Metronome – Hike up there for good views over the city.
  • Underground tour – see the names of politicians scratched into the stone walls of the astronomical clock building cellar where they were held prisoner. It didn’t end well for them.
  • Synagogue tour – see 5 of Prague’s synagogues including the Španělská synagoga.
  • Buy a book from Shakespeare and Sons deceptively big book shop.
  • Develop your photos at Ultralab & Syn.

Recommended Reading for Prague

My reading section is too short!

Got a book to suggest or know a place I should go on my next visit – Please leave comment or send me an email.

P.S. I’m taking my novel Vagabundo on the road.

On the 15th of June 2019 I published Vagabundo after years of obsessive work. It’s based in a fictional version of Jericoacoara Brazil and follows a man who, having withdrawn from society years before, arrives in town and tries to fit in, but he’s not welcome there. Vagabundo has been receiving good reviews on Amazon and Click here to learn more.

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