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Algarve Analogue Photo Blog 2019

Portugal is where I spend most of my time in Europe. The Algarve region has a great climate, beautiful beaches, good food and friendly people. This photo blog contains analogue photos taken using my two 35mm cameras: the Canon AE-1 Program and the Pentax K1000, and features my go-to budget film Fuji Colour 200 plus Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5.


Probably the most popular resort town for British tourists. Beautiful beaches, lots of bars.

Lone man on a beach
Closed during the Covid19 pandemic

Lagos, Portugal.

Lagos old town is a maze of narrow cobbled streets filled with residential houses and commercial premises catering to tourists. It is a small and safe city where walking is the best form of transport. Wander around and find a spot in one of the squares where buskers and street artists perform. The town brings in a mix of travelers from sun-seeking retirees to backpackers to sailors. Marina de Lagos is one of, if not the busiest in the Algarve and can be accessed via the pedestrian Bascule bridge.

analogue photo of my favourite piece of graffiti in Lagos, Portugal: the face of a young woman with short hair looking up at the sky
analolgue photo of a street in Lagos, Portugal featuring tiled facades and spiraling metalwork, and old man walks towards the photographer, two females walk away in the distance behind him
Fuji C200
Analogue photo of a derelict cobbled Portuguese street with graffiti of a subway train travelling out through a door
Fuji C200
Casa Verde
Photo of two Portuguese church belfries

What to do in Lagos

  • Buy a book at The Owl Story Book Store (How about mine? Vagabundo)
  • Hire a car from Luzcar
  • Eat ice cream at Crema de Gelato
  • Visit the Roman Bridge
  • Visit the Moor Fortaleza
  • Go to Praca Luis de Camoes to see the green house
  • Have a beer at Eddies

Portimao/Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is the beach area of the city of Portimao. Praia da Rocha is a great beach walk on. Keep heading west and you’ll pass through smaller more secluded beaches, most with snack bars right on the sand. You’ll eventually reach Praia do Vau, known for the high iodine content of its sands. Go further still and you’ll find Alvor, home to one of my favourite bars in the Algarve, Bolan Bar.

If you wander from Praia da Rocha into the centre of Portimao, you might pass the odd truck with men selling oranges or cherries out of the back. Portimao, unlike old town Lagos is not so catered to tourists and isn’t as pretty. However, it is nice to walk along the riverside to a square with a couple of restaurants, Casa Inglesa and Nosolo Italia, and kiosks selling ice cream and newspapers. You’ll also be able to book yourself on a boat trip to go see the dolphins or cruise up the Rio Arade.

analogue photo of a woman walks over the Portuguese cobbles away from the photographer with her light coat over her shoulders
analogue photo of a solitary walker casts a long shadow on the golden beach as she looks out to sea at sunset
A stranger on the beach at sunset
An elderly couple in summer clothes look out across the river
Golden hour
Writing Portmanteau
Black and White film photo male hand holding limes.
Aboard the Osprey (Learn2Sail yacht)
Portimao at Night
Most Amazing Tattoo Club

What to do in Portimao/Praia de Rocha

  • Surf if you already can / learn to surf if you can’t
  • Visit the Portimao Museum (Museo de Portimao) which shows what the museum building was like in its previous life as a sardine canning factory
  • Catch a Portimonense game at the local stadium
  • Find a good restaurant or bar on Avenida Tomas Cabreira

West Coast

analogue photo of a couple on the beach watch a distant surfer glide across the face of a wave


analogue photo of whitewashed walls and red tiled-roofs of Faro under a washed out sky

Portugal analogue photo blog will be updated with new photos and information infrequently.

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