Vagabundo was published on the 15th of June 2019. I was inspired to write it after visiting Jericoacoara way back in September 2011. It follows Bruno as he arrives in Brisas (a fictional version of Jericoacoara) and decides to stay. Nobody wants him there, and he’s about to leave again when a young runaway called Beatriz begs him to stay. They form an unlikely friendship that becomes strained as an undercurrent of conflict in town rises to the surface.

Vagabundo is a very different novel. Put Lord of the Flies, The Beach and One Hundred Years of Solitude into a blender and something like Vagabundo might pour out. Or maybe not. Have a read and let me know what you think. Check out my Author Interview if you want to know more.

Photo showing Paperback copy of Vagabundo with the text 'your next great read'
Review from Netgalley user
Snapshot of Amazon book reviews for Vagabundo
Snapshot of Amazon book reviews for Vagabundo

You can also read this article, written by Tasmin Gray, published in the Press and Journal newspaper: Man writes novel during oil career break after battling cancer

Vagabundo is available online in both paperback and ebook formats.



It’s available in a few Shops near my hometown:

  • Aberdeen: Books and Beans, Belmont Street
  • Fraserburgh: Stephen’s, Dyga’s, Reid’s.

If you’re travelling, keep an eye out for Vagabundo in hotels, hostels and cafes. I’ve been leaving copies all around the world. Check out @vagabundobook or @stevenjohn.tait on Instagram to see where I’ve been. If you’ve found a copy, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve created a forum for that, but you can also contact me on my Instagram if you prefer.

Have you read another novel based in Jericoacoara? let me know!

Have you already read Vagabundo? You might be interested in my next novel. It’s called Portmanteau and will be set mostly in South East Asia. To find out more about Portmanteau. click here.

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