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At the end of October I went to New York and tried out some photos on Superia 800 and Pro 400h with my Pentax K1000.  I don’t use a light meter, so many photos are over exposed. I used Bleeker Street Photo and Fuji Wonder Store to develop and scan. There’s no image manipulation because […]

This page displays my attempts at taking photos of neon using various films. Photos will be added as and when I get them developed. The photos are straight from the developers’ scanners. I don’t use Photoshop, nor do I crop or manipulate any of the photos on this page. 

1. Bojo Indonesian Restaurant Founded by two brothers almost 50 years ago, this is my go-to Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. I usually go for the vegetarian combination meal with tofu satay. Indonesian cuisine is to the Dutch what Indian is to the English. It’s part of their culture. The tour guide on the Flagship canal […]